Loughborough University IPv4 Multicast Beacon - (Montu)

Current server time is Mon Jun 25 17:36:39 2018

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↓ Sources \ Recipients →2345678910111213141516 17
University of Leeds2
NDSU30.0 0.00.0XX0.
NDSU240.00.0 0.0XX0.
RWTH Aachen University50.00.00.0
HZUniversityOfAppliedSciences60.0XXXX0.0 XXXX0.
Univ. MN Campus70.
Univ. MN State80.
University of Lancaster90.
University College Roosevelt120.0XXXX0.00.0XXXX0.00.00.0
JANET-chil140. 0.00.0140.0
TEIN-SG150. 0.0150.0
↓ Sources \ Recipients →2345678910111213141516 17
eie-beacon.grnet.gr160. 160.0

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